« Guérin Plastiques » has been founded in 1973 by our President Pierre Guerin.

This creation has been taking place from the redevelopment of the textile industry, which was THE business area of the place of Sainte Sigolène (Haute-Loire)

The polyethylene’s work has begun in the family house at Sainte Sigolène.

The strong development has lead us to relocate the production into an industrial site located near the exit of the town.

In 1982, there is the installation into a new plant in an industrial area at Sainte Sigolène in a land of 24 000m².

Up to now, we have done 3 expansions site to reach today more than 11 000m² covered whose more than 8 400m² are destinated to the production.

During this period, another plant has been created and developed at Montfaucon en Velay (15 kilometers from Sainte Sigolène).

It’s a factory of 3 000m², 2 200m² of which are destinated to the production.